Finance Demystified

Walk your business journey with an experienced CFO and coach who helps you achieve your next milestone. Safe and sound.
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Finance Demystified

Walk your business journey with an experienced CFO and coach who helps you achieve your next milestone. Safe and sound.
Don’t build a business or career. Build a profitable business or career you love.
If your business or career is the vehicle that should bring you to your dream destination, money is the gas in the tank that you need to keep in eye on. CFO services and financial coaching helps you to do exactly this.
We are passionate helping you reaching your financial goals and improving your financial KPIs.

Startup Founders

Are you looking for funding or want to make sure that your business idea can provide you with the lifestyle you dream about? Together we create a financial model that reduces massively the failure rate.

Established Entrepreneurs

Are you facing financial challenges in your business or does the topic grow over your head? Sometimes you grow faster than expected and find yourself in a mess of numbers. We help you get clarity fast.

Board members, C-Suites

Do you struggle with the financial challenges coming from your boss or your specific business environment? We put you on the Fastlane to financial knowledge so you can look and act like a finance pro.

Introducing FC&CI

Watch the video from our founder Tomas Horejsi and learn more about Finance Coaching & Consulting International and how we can help you to improve your financial future.
Excellence in Business Finance
We worked for some of the most successful companies in the world. We love to help, no matter if you’re running a big business or are an army of one.

Make a step into a better financial future

Choose one of our service packaged to get your career or business finances on the right track. We offer help with all kinds of financial challenges in your company or in your career. From a financial model to budget your startup to highly effective coaching and mentoring to gain financial knowledge fast.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I was very happy with the coaching from Tomas. Tomas helped me a lot to define my business and personal next steps and milestones. Because of Tomas I am more confident to reach what I want. I was also able to learn a lot about finance because Tomas knows well how to explain it to non-financial people.” Sebastian Hochleitner

Entrepreneur, Sydney, Australia

“Every coaching session with Tomas is a unique experience. His strong intuition and creative approach always shoot arrows in the right direction, forcing me to question my beliefs, old habits, fears, and helping me consciously and resourcefully discover everything that is of importance for me. I highly recommend his coaching style to everyone who wants to find fulfillment in life!” Morana Smolcic

Life Coach / Entrepreneur, Shanghai, China

“Thanks to coaching with Tomas, I feel happy and content in my career journey and I strongly recommend his services. He is a great leader who opens your thoughts and feelings while you are comfortable. With him, you will find the correct path!” Lenka N.

Project Manager, Designer, Prague, Czech Republic

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